Under the Patronage of

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan,

Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development &  President of UAEGDA

Wellness Event






March 11 & 12, 2016

Wellness Event



March 11 & 12, 2016


Timing of event

10 am to 6 pm

Over the 2 day weekend, Stay well opens its doors at 10 am and closes with sunset at 6 pm.



Zabeel Community Park

The Park is opened to the public with 2,300 car parking spaces. With 2 main entrances (Gates 1-3) the Stay Well Exhibition falls in the center of all access points.


Key Notes

Your genes are NOT your Destiny by H.E. Dr. Mariam Matar founder of UAE Genetic Disease Association.

Mother and Baby Connection by Michelle Kashani, OTR/L, SITT Clinical Director.


2-Day Workshop Program

If staying fit, healthy and happy is a priority in your life, have we got a show for you!
A variety of wellness workshops are carried out by professional health care practitioners
Opened to the public in the centre of the event's arena.
Stay Tuned and win valuable gifts at the end of each session!


Morning Yoga Session

Join in for a morning yoga session on the benches of the Zabeel Park, and fill your eyes and soul with nature's Green! 

Smart Ageing

What determines how long a person will live? Join this session and open your mind to the scientific approach by H.E. Dr. Mariam Matar. 

Anti-Ageing Beauty Solutions

This session is brought to you by one of the top dermatologists of the country, Dr. Hala Fadli, who will introduce you to the latest anti-ageing methods and techniques! Join the session and get a chance to win a valuable gift!


Debunking the myths of Fertility & PCOS

Throughout this workshop you will learn more about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. What it is and How to recognize it. What effect it has on your health. And most importantly how to optimize your fertility despite this condition.  


PCOS and Nutrition

The first line management in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are diet and lifestyle modifications.With this informative session, we will delve deeper into the nutritive aspect of PCOS. You will learn about the role and interplay of different nutrients that shape the course of this condition, backed by the current scientific research in field.Throughout this workshop, you will become familiarized with how one may optimize and uplift the everyday diet with key nutrients to manage PCOS.

Those small changes on your plate shall help you mitigate and power through PCOS much more  fruitfully!!

Happiness Prescription

Our well-being is ultimately measured by our Happiness. Our Happiness is controlled by our thought process and is defined by the way we view life and our relationships.

This workshop with Dr. Mariam Ketait will open your mind to the idea that every one can achieve happiness. You are just a few steps away, so come and find out what is your prescription to Happiness!

The Power of Color

An Understanding of the Energetic Essence of Color 
In this talk you will have an introduction to the energetic aspect of colors and its direct correlation to our emotional, mental and physical state of being. You will also learn about the energy body and field, and the influence and impact of colors on its  wellbeing. You will learn what colors to use, and how to use them in order to shift or change an mood or a physical state.  

Sunset Yoga Session

Morning Yoga Session

Your genes are NOT your destiny!

Living a Positive, Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

This workshop with Points of You(TM) award winning coaching game has been designed with two primary goals in mind: 

First, to give each of the participant an opportunity to “just be” to let go of everything. It is a “timeout,” and chance to put life ‘out there’ aside - this time is for you. You don’t have to do anything.” 

Second, this is a unique opportunity to meet yourself in new and different ways, and to meet and communicate with the people around you from different points of view. 


Sugar - the Drug


Obesity is epidemic in this world & is increasing. It brings lots of disease like diabetes , hypertension etc.with it in the body beside being obese.

Exercise & diet is important but once you cross a critical level in body weight or BMI than these methods fail in long run.

In that case what is most effective & long lasting solution for an obese individual?

Currently Weight loss ( bariatric ) surgery the most effective tool to bring you back to near normal in weight  & relieve you from associated diseases like diabetes , high blood pressure , OCOS etc.




Work - Life Balance

A half hour presentation that will include practical management techniques on how to effectively "have it all". The interactive session will address the issue of differences in peoples' lives and habits, the challenges that they face and how each situation is unique. One size does NOT fit all in this case. What is important is the individual's needs, expectations and environment they have to live in. 

Positive Parenting: Empowering our Children

We all want our children to be healthy, happy and successful in all areas of their life but as parents how do we guarantee that? How can we avoid the repetitive cycle of unnecessary mistakes and discontent? In this workshop Mariam Yasin, Internationally renowned Holistic Therapist and Trainer, will detail the power of thoughts, spoken words and the importance of parents being the ultimate role models for their children.   Find more about the mind-body connection and how it is a crucial aspect in parenting positively and empowering our children for the best possible future.

Mother & Child Connection

A session that will guide you in establishing emotional connection with your child

Sunset Yoga Session

Our Speakers

Honoured for their excellence and dedication, our speakers are amongst the top leaders of the wellness industry in the UAE. They are passionately driven by their topic of specialization.

Dr. Remy Shanker


Dr. Remy Shanker is the Head Nutritionist at Alwal Fitness, a uniquely conceptualized Well-being Company in Dubai, who deal with a range of holistic solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Remy is a medically qualified Doctor and a Nutritionist. After graduating with a Bachelors in Medical Sciences from the International University of Health Sciences, St. Kitts and Nevis. , the realization that food and lifestyle are indispensable when it comes to one's well being, made her branch out to do a Masters in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from the Manipal University, Manipal, India. Remy is also a qualified Chef and holds a diploma in Culinary arts from the International Center for Culinary Arts, Dubai. Being keen on exploring the depths of cooking sciences, for her own experience, she also worked as a nutrition chef and was part of the start up team in a renowned restaurant at DIFC. Being based in Dubai for over 13 years, Remy has in depth familiarity with the various dietary requirements, food preferences and local availability in the region. With an eagerness to discover healthy substitutes in an everyday diet, Remy makes it her life mission to uplift and strengthen one's core nutrition. Her operative Mantra entails educating and assisting her clients with the process of gaining control over food, hence revolutionizing one's nutritive empowerment!!


Remy's key strengths lie in:


Weight Management

Children's nutrition

Women's nutrition and health

Eating disorders

Clinical and sub clinical nutrition 

Coach Nadine Ch. Bekhaazi

Positive Lifestyle Specialist

Nadine is an ABH certified trainer of Hypnotherapy , Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy (TM), Teacher of Theta healing, NLP practitioner for kids, teachers and families, Certified Trainer in Points of-You (TM) and certified Stage Hypnotist .Nadine’s career started as a professional singer. She earned her BA in Theatre & Arts.

She worked in the field of production for more than 15 years during which she was teaching acting for kids and produced more than 250 Musical theatre Plays that were showcased during the DSF , DSS , and at DUCTAC theatre. She founded Super Dooper, kids edutainment center, a premium stage for Arts.

She has a passion for learning and bringing innovative ideas and tools to help people live a positive, healthy, and happy life.

She adds entertainment to every project she’s working on. In education she offers edutainment personal development programs and in trainings she offers entrainments where she adds her artistic and stage performance skills to leave her audience on a high note. Her motivational and inspirational talks and shows are full of positive insights ,fun and entertainment.


Consultant OB/GYN and Brand Spokesperson for Clearblue

Dr. Bohaira El Geyoushi is a Consultant OB/GYN and Brand Spokesperson for Clearblue, the Worlds leading brand in Pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor kits. 

With over 15 years of experience in Obstetrics, Gynecology and IVF. Gynecologically, she has wide experience in the treatment and management of menorrhagia, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menopause and HRT. Dr. Bohaira

has 12 publications related to Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological conditions. Dr. Bohaira also worked as a Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology and Fertility Lead at the William Harvey Hospital and Fertility and IVF Consultant at the Chaucer Hospital Assisted Conception Unit in the United Kingdom.

Education: Dr. Bohaira received her Medical Degree from the University of Southampton. In 1997, she gained membership in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Bohaira has completed the RCOG modules in Management of the Infertile Couple, Assisted Reproduction, Embryo Transfer, Advanced Hysteroscopic Surgery, Intermediate Level Laparoscopy Surgery and Ultrasound imaging in the management of Gynecological conditions.

Membership: British Fertility Society, British Society for Gynecological Endoscopy, British Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology and Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

Dr. Stephanie Pech

Natural Nutritionist, Metabolic Balance Coach

Natural Nutritionist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Brand Ambassador, Writer and Magazine Cover Girl. She graduated from Metabolic Balance Academy Isen, Germany in 2012 and resides in Dubai, UAE for over 11 years. Stephanie’s passion for healthful-eating grew from her own battles of being over weight. Having repeatedly dieted for many years, one diet replaced another and here began her perpetuating dieting-cycle. At the age of 28 she decided to change her lifestyle completely and here began her fitness journey. When she turned 30. She enter a bikini fitness competition in London, UK, which has lead her to being a Magazine Cover Girl for Women’s Health & Fitness in September 2013. Today Stephanie is passionate about educating others on finding balance in their lifestyle and daily eating habits.  Its about being comfortable in your own skin while still reaching your lifestyle goals and living an active fulfilled life where one can enjoy food.

Her ethos is ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’

Coach Priya Cima

Organizational Psychologist

Priya Cima's academic background includes degrees in Applied Psychology and Organizational Psychology. She has practiced as a counselor and coach in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Her professional career includes working for a big four consulting firm, and a government regulator in the UAE. She is currently a partner in a consulting firm, Consilient and founder of a wellness website, mymedini, developed for the regional community. Having grown up in the UAE, Priya has a strong understanding of the cultural and professional environment and has been invited to speak at local and international conferences on organizational development, humanity & health, and presented at the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona. She has also co-hosted a weekly show on the local radio and television on health and well being issues.  


Specialist Bariatric Surgeon

Director of Bariatric Centre

MBBS, MS, Dip MIS (France) Fellow of ACE Bariatric centre (Emmeen, Nerherland) Director of Bariatric centre Specialist Bariatric Surgeon Dr Girish is a well experienced Laparoscopic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience to his credit. He had his basic and advanced Laparoscopic training from Ninewells Medical College, UK and did Diploma in minimal access surgery from France. He is also a fellow of ACE Bariatric Surgical Center, Emmen, Netherlands. He has served as Head of Surgery department in various reputed hospital since 1990 and currently he is the Director of Bariatric center at AL Zahra Hospital, Dubai.


Mind, Body, Energy Practitioner

Holistic Artist, Jewelry Designer and an Energy Healer and uses her background in healing and understanding of the energetic power of color in her work. Color is a physical manifestation of energy, which has a direct effect on the physical and emotional state of the individual. Having a deep knowledge and understanding of this power, Abeer applies special techniques (the science of Biogeometry) in her art where color, shapes and numbers are utilized in order to bring balance and harmony to the being of the receiver, while keeping the balance and the mystery in the work. By utilizing these effects, each painting will create an energy that resonates with the receiver and the living space, thus creating an emotional, mental and physical shift and healing.

Abeer is a certified Master Thetahealing® practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Sound Therapist, Energy Healer, and Art & Color Therapist.

Coach Mariam Yasin

Holistic Therapist

A holistic therapist, trainer, founder of wellness lifestyle blog and YouTube channel InnerBeautyBuzz, and mother of three children. She believes that natural living and the power of the human mind are the keys to true health and happiness...and that the path to real beauty always starts from the inside out.

Dr. Hala Fadli

Cosmetic Dermatologist

Licensed dermatologist both in the UK and in Dubai. Dr. Fadli has over 15 years experience in dermatology. In 1996 she obtained her Diploma in dermatology from University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, United Kingdom. In 1997, she was awarded a Masters degree in dermatological sciences from the same University. In 2003, Dr Fadli completed her PhD in dermatology from the same University.

She has gained her clinical experience at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and Royal Gwent Hospital, South Wales, United Kingdom.

She is also specialized in cosmetic dermatology (Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures). She has been trained in private practices in Cardiff, Harley street, London and Berlin.

Dr Fadli comes from a medical family. Her father is a renowned Psychiatrist, her mother a Gynecologist both with clinics in Dubai. Her brother is also a Psychiatrist and her sister is currently in final year medical college.

Dr. Mariam Ketait

Specialist Family Doctor

Family physician integrating complimentary approaches to achieve wellness and happiness

H.E. Dr. Maryam Matar, MD

Founder & Chairperson UAEGDA

Dr. Maryam Matar,MD Founder & Chairperson UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA)  2014: Dr. Mariam Matar selected among the Muslim-Science.Com‟s List of Twenty Most Influential Women in Science in the Islamic World. Also she has been selected as one of CEO Middle East magazine‟s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women and she ranked 41 among the 100 most powerful Arab women. Chosen Dr. Mariam Matar by Gulf Medical Universityto be the „Heroes of Healthcare International‟ on 13 03 2013 2013: Dr. Mariam Matar Received the Women Awards- Middle East 2013, MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE, the 3rd PetrochemGR8!, The awards recognize the contribution of Indian women, and is an initiative by Indian Television Academy & GR8! Magazine. Dr. Matar ranked 60 among the 100 most powerful Arab women in Since Sector and she selected among the 11 Most Powerful Emirati women of year 2013 (10) 2012: Received the Arab Woman Awards 2012, Dubai in Medical, November 2012 Dr. Mariam Matar selected among the 100 most powerful Arab woman has been ranked 83 of the list of "100 most powerful Arab woman" launched by the magazine "Arabian Business" in 2012 and the first Emirati powerful woman and fourth on the Arab world in science for 2012 As befell Dr. Mariam Matar ranked (13) within the 28 world's most influential in the Arab world in 2012 at the Arab level in the list of Arabian Business, dissolved ranked (164) for the most powerful 500 Arab figure (500 character most influential in the Arab world for the year 2012), on 26th June, 2012. Her abilities also honored her to be the First Women to be a Board Member of Global Strategic Initiative on Advanced Radiation Medical Science, Vienna/Austria (NGO GSI-ARMS). Dr.Maryam was selected by the Arab League's Scientific and Humanitarian Development Program of the Arab Women Organization (AWO) 2012-2013 as an Ambassador of Goodwill for Women and Children in the Arab world. Furthermore, Dr. Matar currently holds many distinguished positions includingDeputy Chairperson of Dubai Cares, the Founder & Chairperson of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, which has achieved under her leadership outstanding successes, such as scanning more than 13,000 students for early detection of genetic blood diseases, and creating a database of 11,380 Emiratis for the UAE‟s most prevalent genetic blood disorders. The UAEGDA has also succeeded in launching a free clinic in Jumeirah& manufacturing of MANAL Medicine, and receiving international accreditation from the University of Yamaguchi in Japan and NEQAS in English and the Emirates Authority for Standardization as well as the membership of HUGO and TIFF. In addition, Dr.Maryam holds several posts including the Board Member of Damas International, Dubai Women Establishment, and Board Member of the Marriage Fund for 4 years. In 2008, First Emirati Womanto be entrusted as Director General within the Government of Dubai. Dr. Maryam Matar held the post of Director General of the Community Development Authority (CDA), which undertakes the responsibilities of formulating and delivering social policies and services that are in line and contribute to the achievement of the social development objectives of Dubai‟s Strategic Plan 2007 – 2015, as launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. During that time, Dr. Matar was the team leader of the executive team that set up social development strategies for Dubai Strategic Plan. Dr. Maryam Matar is also the First Emirati woman to bear the title Undersecretary to the Minister of Health in 2006, during which she worked on designing blueprints for Primary and Public Health care sector and implementing it. Moreover, she launched a number of initiatives to deliver Primary Health Care services in the Northern Emirates and increase the number of PHC centers from 52 to 79 in less than one year and to get the smoking ban low with major modifications of the fitness screening low. During her career, Dr. Maryam Matar was assigned to different high profile positions including Head of Community Studies and Programs Section2002, Primary Health Care within the Department of Health and Medical services, and Medical Advisor for the Treatment Abroad Advisory Committee 2005 (Customs and Free Zone Corporation). She is also the Founder and Director of Wellness Centers at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai and Dubai Ladies Club2002-2005, as well as launching a number of community outreach programs and awareness campaigns such as the "UAE Free of Thalassemia 2012” in 2007, “UAE Down‟s Syndrome Association” in2005 and "The UAE Genetic Diseases Association" in2006, which provides care and services to families all around the UAE from more than 17 nationalities. Throughout her career, Dr. Maryam Matar received many awards annually from 1999 to 2012, for example: H.H Sheikh Rashid “Academic Excellence” Award in 1999 and the award for Best Health Care Project among UAE‟s Higher Colleges of Technology in 2002, in addition to the “Distinguished Employee” award from Dubai‟s Government Excellence Program in the Department of Health and Medical Services in 2003. She was also awarded "Best community project" in 2004 in Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development, and the award for Emirates Business Women Award in 2005, 2007 & 2008. Dr. Mariam Matar honored by His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, the spectrum within the program selected to be the Heroes of Healthcare in Gulf Medical University, Ajman on March 13, 2013 She is currently finishing her PHD Research in common blood Genetics disease in UAE from Yamaguchi University in Japan, with 11,380 samples from the U.A.E. Nationals, and hopes to achieve even more success in collecting evidence based data & statistics about prevalence genetic diseases throughout the UAE. 

Dr. Michelle Kashani

Occupational Therapist - OTR/L SIPT

Well experienced Occupational Therapist who has first – hand knowledge and understanding of how the use of techniques and multisensory kinaesthetic learning environments can have a profound effect overall in paediatrics, adults & geriatrics rehabilitation. Michelle is a national golden key Honor society member receiving her Master’s at Chicago in 1996. Michelle has worked extensively in paediatric and adult neurological rehabilitation for almost 15 years in Chicago in many different areas including hospitals, schools and private clinic based practices. As an occupational Therapist, Michelle’s area of interest include children with

Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Fine/Gross motor Delays as well as visual motor and perceptual delays, developmental delays, Adult brain injury, Post-Stroke Rehabilitation, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic hand injuries, CVA, and Motor Vehicle Accidents. She has done her continuing professional development in the areas of Sensory Processing, Retained Primitive Reflex Integration, Eye sight to insight, Beyond Eye sight to insight, Visual / Vestibular Rehabilitation and Handwriting Without Tears. Michelle is certified in administration of clinical observations of motor performance skills and has trained extensively on sensory processing disorders. She has extensive experience in Auditory Integration Training, Therapeutic Listening and SAMONAS program. Michelle is a candidate in the DIR certificate Program and has extensive knowledge in using DIR/Floor time as a treatment model. She whole heartedly support neurodiversity for the paediatric and adult population and is an advocate for independence for adults with disabilities and inclusion for children with LD in the mainstream school environment. 

About Stay Well

Wellness is  

A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being - The World Health Organization.

With increasing responsibilities in our lives and our busy and functional lifestyle in today’s time and age, our focus lies on long hard working hours and achievements. This requires setting goals and milestones to achieving a healthier lifestyle across all aspects in our lives. The objective our event is to ensure that the community understands how important it is to make life changing decisions and how crucial a happy healthy life is.

The Stay Well exhibition, in partnership with the UAE Genetic Disease Association is pleased to introduce a 2 – day Wellness Program, which is open to the public, aiming at releasing inner-tension and reenergizing our minds and bodies. 

Over the course of the weekend, The Stay Well exhibition will open its doors to the public of the UAE, inviting people to a moment to reconnect with themselves. A moment to escape the stressful routine of work, their chores and responsibilities. A moment to Stop and pay attention to the health of their minds and bodies, to find new ways to live healthy, and discover inspiration in new activities, spiritual personalities, motivational speakers, health professionals who will speak on topics that are prominent in today's era.

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lets see the venue

Zabeel Community Park

Spanning 47.5 hectares, Zabeel Park is one of the larger parks in Dubai, located between Al Karama and World Trade Centre at Zabeel Square on Sheikh Zayed Road. The area of the park is equivalent to 45 football playgrounds, and features more than 3000 palm trees with nearly 7000 other trees of 14 different species. The Park is divided into sections, with pedestrian bridges connecting them.



‎Zabeel Park

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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